Change / Update Mobile Number in LPG Connection Online ( Bharat, Indane, HP)

Earlier customer used to visit gas agency for updating any information in gas connection. However, now the customers of the gas agencies can apply gas connection, change/update their mobile number without visiting the gas agencies. The entire process can be done through IVRS Facility. Thus, the registered mobile number plays a vital role in booking the LPG Cylinder from various vendors such as Bharat, Indane, HP.


How to Change and Update LPG Gas Account Online

This article explains the procedure to change and update the mobile Number in LPG Gas Account Online for Bharat, Indane, HP  Step by Step Guide to Apply the Gas Account Online.


Why Should we Register Phone/Mobile Number with LPG Distributor

  • The primary purpose of registering mobile numbers and phone numbers is to book or refill the cylinders through IVRS or SMS.
  • The customers will receive SMS Alerts regarding all the transactions related to gas booking.
  • With single time registration of the mobile Number, the system then carries all the gas booking process automatically through IVRS with less human interaction.
  • Registered Mobile Number provides the authentication to the user because the bookings will continue only when they are done from registered mobile number only.


How to Change and Update the Mobile Number in LPG Gas Account Online (Indane, HP, Bharat)

In the few cases, the customers may change their mobile number or lose the registered mobile number through other technical factors. In this case, the change of SIM or Mobile Number becomes inevitable. Then, it becomes mandatory to change or update the mobile number, which is linked with the gas agency.

Step by Step Guide to Change and Update Mobile Number,

Let us see the procedure to change or update the mobile number in LPG Gas Account Online.



IVRS Method

  • Indane gas generally accepts three phone numbers as your registered phone/mobile numbers.
  • The customers can change one of the mobile numbers through IVRS facility.
  • Dial the IVRS number from your registered mobile number and select the 4th option – “Change of Personal Registration Number.”
  • The system then asks you to enter your new personal registration number.
  • From the next time, the customers can use the updated number to refill the cylinders.

SMS Method: Send SMS IOC<Space><STD Code+Distributor’s Telephone Number><space>Consumer Number

Online Method: The customer can change or update the mobile number by visiting the profile page of the gas agency.


Bharat Gas

  • The customers of the Bharat Gas can download the application form from the official portal of Bharat Gas.
  • After you find the application form from the portal, download and print it to fill it manually.

  • In the Registration Form, Enter the Consumer Number, Consumer Name, Mobile Number, Land Line Number and keep your signature at the bottom of the form.
  • After you fill the form, please submit it to the Bharat Gas Distributor.
  • The phone number will be updated after a few days.
  • After the successful registration, the customers will receive an SMS alert regarding the same.



  • HP Gas Consumers can change and update their mobile numbers through IVRS System.
  • The customers can dial the concerned HP Anytime Number to avail of this service.
  • The IVRS numbers are different from different numbers dedicated to each state, and the customers can dial to these numbers from their registered mobile numbers.


SMS Method: Send SMS HP<Space><STD Code+Distributor’s Tel. Number><space>ConsumerNumber.

The customer can change or update the mobile number by visiting the profile page of the gas agency.

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