Are you looking for the best air purifiers of 2023. Here I have shown top air purifiers.

Features to look for in air purifiers:

  1. HEPA Filtration: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are effective at capturing small particles, including dust, pollen, and pet dander.
  2. Activated Carbon Filters: These filters are useful for trapping odors, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  3. Coverage Area: Consider the size of the room where you plan to use the air purifier and choose a model with an appropriate coverage area.
  4. CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): This rating indicates how quickly an air purifier can deliver clean air. Higher CADR values are generally better.
  5. Noise Level: If you plan to use the air purifier in a bedroom or office, you might want to consider its noise level.
  6. Smart Features: Some modern air purifiers come with smart features such as smartphone app control, air quality sensors, and scheduling options.
  7. Energy Efficiency: Look for an energy-efficient model to minimize electricity consumption.
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91mE0CCnGL._SX679_ Coway AirMega 150 Professional Air Purifier Color: White
Product Dimension: 54D x 26W x 43H Centimeters
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51IACRbkP-L._SL1000_ Honeywell Air touch V2 Color: White
Product Dimension: 15.3D x 31W x 47H Centimeters
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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Color: White
Product Dimension: 25D x 25W x 55.5H
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51KJinnr3lL Voltas VAP26TWV Air Purifier Color: White
Product Dimension: 7.3D x 13W x 19.7H Centimeters
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Daikin MC55XVM6 Air Purifier Daikin MC55XVM6 Air Purifier Color: White
Product Dimension: 27D x 27W x 27H Centimeters
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1. Coway AirMega 150 Professional Air Purifier for Home, Longest Filter Life 8500 Hrs, Green True HEPA Filter, Traps 99.99% Virus & PM 0.1 Particles

About this item

  • AREA COVERAGE: 355 sq. ft / 33 sq. mtrs. CADR: 303 cubic m/hr. TECHNICAL SPECS: Power Supply 230V 50Hz. Wattage 35W. Noise 22-49dB. Weight 6.50Kg.
  • LONGEST FILTER LIFE: Coway HEPA Filter is one of the thickest (30 mm) HEPA Filter in the industry with Best-in-Class Protection and Long Filter Life (8500 hours).
  • WARRANTY: Coway Air Purifiers comes with longest 7 years Manufacturer Warranty on motor. Ensuring Complete Peace of Mind.
  • SPECIAL ANTI-VIRUS GREEN HEPA FILTER: Protect your family from Dust, Pollen Allergy and Harmful Smoke. Removes 99.99 % of Virus & Allergen to provide safe indoor environment.
  • FILTER REPLACEMENT INDICATOR: Filter Replacement Indicator helps indicate when it’s time to change HEPA Filter & Carbon Filter.
  • COWAY AIR PURIFIER: Coway has World’s Largest R&D Centre for Air Care Products with 243 full-time researchers.


  • Comes With 2 years of Warranty
  • 3523 Sq. ft Coverage Area
  • Triple Filter(Hepa + Carbon + Pre-filter)


  • Too Noisy
  • Filters Cost is Too High
  • Lack of AQI Digital Screen


2. Honeywell Air touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier. Pre-Filter, H13 HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Removes 99.99% Pollutants & Micro Allergens, 3 Stage Filtration, Coverage Area of 388 sq.ft

About this item

  • Removes 99.99% Micro Allergens and airborne Pollutants including PM10 and PM2.5
  • Protect your family from smoke, Dust, Pollens, VOC (Volatile organic Compounds), virus, Bacteria and Pet Danger to give safe indoor environment to your loved ones
  • CADR of upto 250 m3/h and coverage area of up to 388 Sq.Ft
  • 3 Stage Filtration process through Pre filter, High Grade H13 HEPA Filter and Activated carbon filter
  • Advanced filtration process with Air Purification Cycle every 12 minutes
  • Real Time PM2.5 level indicator
  • Front and Upward Airflow with 3D Air Flow


3. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier for Home 4

About this item

  • World’s First TUV Allergy Care certified Air Purifier, TÜV is an internationally recognized certification that indicates a superior level of quality in a service or product, TÜV certifications are a trust signal to consumers, indicating that a product is safe and good-quality
  • Air Purifier 4 is proven to effectively filter out common allergens such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander in the air
  • Triple Layer Filtration- The three layers include primary filter, True HEPA filter, activated carbon filter which filters of 99.99% of 0.1μm particles
  • 360 degree filtration- All-around air intake with improved 360° air suction
  • FAST PURIFICATION: Purifies a standard room in just 7 minutes with a CADR of 400 m3/hour (Standard room size is 18 ft by 12 ft with an 8 ft ceiling height)
  • Large coverage area- The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 now has the larger effective coverage area of upto 516 sq.ft. (Ideal for Living room, bedroom)
  • Negative Air Ionization – Keeps your home fresh. Negative ions attract & bind with airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke, etc. to neutralize them


4. Voltas VAP26TWV Air Purifier

About this item

  • 6 Stage Filteration (Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, H-13 HEPA Filter, UVC LED, Ionizer)
  • AQI: Multicolor LED & Digital PM 2.5 Indicator
  • CADR: 200 m³/hour
  • Applicable Coverage Area: 24m²
  • Dust Sensor & 3 Step Speed Control, Filter Change Indicator


5. Daikin MC55XVM6 Air Purifier

About this item

  • REMOTE CONTROL: You can adjust fan speed, reduce LED lights, change modes and power off/on through a compact remote control.
  • SUPER SILENT: With only 19db sound level at quite mode, you’ll surprised to see the silent operations of the machine.
  • For any clarification please wisit Daikin Air Purifier website.
  • LIFETIME* HEPA FILTER: No worry on replacement filter cost with Daikin Air Purifier. Register your new product on Daikin Airpurifier Website within 45 days, use your inbuilt HEPA filter for 2 years and ask for replacement filter in 3rd/5th/7th year at Daikin call centre/email etc. and we will send you a new HEPA filter without any charges. For details, visit Daikin Airpurifier Website (Lifetime 8 years)
  • OUTSIDE – ACTIVE PLASMA uses plasma discharge to release Plasma Ions into the air to create active species with strong oxidizing power like OH radicals. These decompose protein layer of virus/fungi/bacteria to decompose them.
  • LIFETIME ODOUR FILTER: Daikin’s special method of “Absorb-Decompose-Regenerate” keeps capacity of Odour filter maintained for life with the help of patented Streamer Discharge Technology.
  • INSIDE – STREAMER TECHNOLOGY is a Daikin Patented Plasma Type Discharge of High Speed Electrons, which generate highly oxidative powered Nitrogen & Oxygen molecules in the air that decomposes harmful elements by 99%. It cleans the air and filter inside the machine making your usage safe & healthy. It is also tested in different labs across the world and found effective on many deadly virus inclusing H1N1, Flu, influenza etc.

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