How to Connect Phone to TV? Anycast Dongle Complete Setup

In this article i have shown how to share your mobile phone screen to your television using anycast m2/ m4 device.

Anycast is the best miracast device available in market. In the bottom of article, we also have share link for purchasing anycast m2 / m4 device.

In this article we gave the answer of all customers queries :

  • Why Sound is not coming in TV after pairing TV with anycast m2 / m4 device?
  • Why i cannot connect my Android/iOS smartphone to my TV/PC with the Anycast dongle?
  • Why my mobile phone not receives a WIFI signal from the Anycast M2 or M4 device?


Looking into the above mentioned issues, we have discovered that the main cause for all three issues above was incorrectly connecting the anycast device to their device (e.g. phone or TV display). In this blog, we have shown how to correctly use the anycast device. In other words, how to connect Anycast M2 / M4 Dongle TV stick to Android/iOS smartphone and TV.

Before you use the Anycast M2 / M4 TV stick, please read the user manual carefully, because the method to connect this TV stick to Android and iOS device is different. Okay, let’s walk through how to connect the Anycast M2 to an android or IOS phone step-by-step

Connecting Anycast Device to Android Mobile Phone:

Step 1:

Arrange USB adapter of mobile and anycast device, shown in the below image

Step 2:

Plugin both connector of USB HDMI cable with power adapter and anycast device. Plug the power adapter in to power socket.

Step 3:

Turn on your television set the signal the input source to HDMI.

Step 4:

  • Connect the Anycast M2 / M4 device directly to your television’s HDMI port.
  • For a desktop PC’s screen, you will require a USB HDMI converter / cable. Insert the USB end to the PC screen’s USB port (for power) and connect the Anycast M2 / M4 to the HDMI port of the converter.

Step 5:

after following all above steps now make sure your TV or monitor screen should show below picture. which means the Anycast M2 / M4 TV stick has been successfully connected to the TV. Upon first connection, the SSID (AnyCast-xxxx) and PSK (password) of the public wireless signal are listed on the top center of the display.

Step 6:

Press the mode switch button once on the Anycast M2 / M4 device to switch to Android mode.

Step 7:

Launch your Android mobile phone, open settings, tap the more option under the NETWORK bar, and then choose Wireless display in the next step. Toggle the feature on to active it. You should see the AnyCast-xxxx option, tap it to connect (you’re not required to input the PSK). The Anycast M2 device will connect your Android device to the TV.