Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate Free Download ISO 32/64 bit

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional 32/64 bit is the most popular operating system. This free download of Windows 7 is an ISO file for 32-bit and 64-bit installation i.e. x86 and x64. It is a complete bootable ISO image for Windows installer.

Overview Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit ISO

Windows 7 Ultimate / Professional x86 for 32 bit and x64 for 64 bit architecture is most used Operating System all around the world. Microsoft Windows 7 is a leading Operating System as because of its easy to use interface and its complete control over the computer to utilize all the resources of your computer up to their limit. It is a well-known windows version with wonderful support features and driver packs for all the devices. Windows users were very excited after the release of Windows 7 as because of a new User Interface and many powerful built-in features. It is a stable release from Microsoft.

Windows installation is a very hectic process, a lot of times installation fails because of broken setup, missing files, and other problems. To get rid of installation issues, ISO image file is the best option to install Windows. You can burn any USB stick or DVD and follow the simple instructions to install Windows 7. If you have lost the installation disk of the copy of Windows 7, you can grab a new copy from here.

This download is a virus free clean ISO image of Microsoft Windows 7. It is also an upgradeable version of Windows 7, you can easily find Windows Update to upgrade your pack of windows from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional is the most reliable OS for your desktop.

Features of Microsoft Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate

Windows 7 is a best OS for a laptop, which comes up with a wide range of features which include:

User-friendly interface
Improved new look
New thumbnails style
Improved fonts
Location aware version
Simple and efficient
Included windows defender for basic protection
Enhanced firewall
Support Microsoft Security Essentials
Improved windows explorer
Stable release

System Requirements for Microsoft Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate

Make sure that your system meets the given requirements before you download and install Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Installed Memory (RAM): Minimum 1GB of RAM required
Free Hard Disk Space: 4GB of free space required for installation
CPU (Processor): Minimum 1GHz Intel Pentium or AMD processor single core

Free Download Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit ISO Image

Click on the link below to download ISO image file of Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit or 64 -bit.

32 BIT

64 BIT


What you will need to install Windows 7 on your PC.

You need a USB device (minimum 4GB) as an installation source to get Windows 7 on your PC.

Now download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO File of 32 bit or 64 bit. Once downloaded, execute the file and follow the installation wizard. This program file will format the USB drive and copy the contents of Windows 7 in it.

How to decide which architecture to download between 32 bit or 64 bit?

If your Laptop or pc has low specs like RAM lesser than 4gb or hard disk space is lesser than 250 gb than you should download windows 7 of 32 bit.

If your Laptop or pc has high specification than you should download 64 bit architecture.

Eyecon: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Phone Contacts

Use our true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and names of unknown caller and contacts in your phone book by only clicking one icon.

Automatically record calls. Save important one to your phone or share them with your cloud backup (not supported on Android Pie).

Sync with Facebook to automatically add photos to your phone dialer, contacts & address book with Eyecon. Check numbers of unknown calls with our simpler caller ID and smart dial contacts. Automatically link messaging and calling apps to connect quickly.


✓ Visual – We sync with Facebook and other social media channels to identify your contact’s true photos to create a photo based address book and dialer. See names and photos instead of numbers for unknown callers and your contacts when you are dialing or receiving calls.

✓ Safe – Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls with our caller ID. Our caller ID is based on Facebook and other social media identifiers, so the photos are all high quality and the information is completely accurate. Block calls to control who can call you.

✓ Connective – Sync your dialer, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, messaging, email, Skype, Linkedin and more with a single click for all in one communication through your favorite app icons.

✓ ACR Call recorder – record phone calls automatically. Save the ones that are important by pinning them to your favorites list. Back them up by sharing your recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Email and more (not supported on Android Pie).

✓ Ultimate personalization- Control how your image and contact information appear in your friend’s address book and in their phones when you call them. Choose from one of our 30+ themes to customize your address book with your favorite of our skin options! Change your settings to determine your dual or single SIM settings, caller ID notifications and more.


✓ Availability checker – Find out if your friends are free before you dial with our non-intrusive “can you talk” feature to allow people to either answer the phone, call you back immediately or respond that they are busy.

✓ Intuitive – Our technology learns your preferences as you interact with Eyecon and use our phone dialer. We organize contacts by those most dialed and display communication icons according to those you use the most often.

✓ Set photos – Enjoy participating in our one-of-a-kind game to review the photos we automatically synced with your contacts and find new pictures of your friends.

✓ Add contacts – After a conversation with someone who isn’t already in your phonebook, use our built in caller ID to easily add them as a new contact with a suggested name and photo without typing anything additional.

✓ Private – login by simply adding your phone number without syncing with third party social media or a lengthy registration process.


Listen Call Recording

Automatic Call Recorder

Record phone call recording you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. Integration with Google Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be saved and synchronized to the cloud as well. 
Google Drive integration works on Android versions 3.0 and above.

Please note that call recording does not work on certain handsets and can result in inferior quality recordings. We therefore suggest that you try the free version before purchasing the paid app.
If you encounter any recording issues or wish to improve voice quality, try recording from a different audio source, or use auto-on speaker mode.

Recorded calls are stored in the Inbox. You can set the size of the inbox. The number of saved calls is limited only by your device memory. If you decide that a conversation is important, save it and it will be stored in the Saved Calls folder. If not, old recordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.
You can enable a Call Summary Menu with options to appear immediately after a call.
Search for recordings by contact, phone number, or note.



Hide App-Hide Application Icon, No Root Required


★ Hide any app you don’t want others to know. ★ (DcLauncher Add-On required for not ROOTed Device)

“AppHider” can help you to hide any app. After app is hided, the app icon will disappear from the Launcher.

Highlights –
— Totally free
— Hide apps (Hide Icon)
— Support PIN lock
— Support auto backup and restore (After you reinstall AppHider, the previous hided apps can be restored back.)
— More advanced phone optimize features to boost apps and free up storage space. Including Cache Clean, Phone Boost and App Notification Clean .etc.


The description of Call India – IntCall

Call India – IntCall allows you to call from any country in the world (including India) to India at a low rate.

Key Features:
– Call India uses VOIP so you do not need to have a sim card in your device to make the call, just an internet connection.
– The calls you make with Call India will not appear on your phone bill and will not get charged by your carrier.
– Show/hide your caller ID.

Easy to use:
– From the main screen select a contact phone or type the phone number using the dial pad.
– Click on the Call button and the standard ‘incall’ screen will appear.
– Make the conversation normally as you are using the phone’s standard call screen.

How much does it cost?
Pay only $5 (USD) and get 150 minutes!

Download Call India – IntCall now and start making phone calls!

Call Recorder – IntCall is very easy to use: just like your phone dialer, you just make a call from the app and it will be recorded.

Your recorded calls can be:
– Played on the phone.
– Sent via email.
– Transferred to your phone (.wav format).
– Deleted.
You can also set a title for each recording.

The calls are made via our VOIP server that terminates the call to the recipient’s phone. Since the calls are made via our VOIP server and the internet there are no additional call charges from your carrier and the calls will not be listed on your phone bill.
In fact you don’t even have to have a sim installed to make the calls but you must have a good internet connection (WiFi/3G). 
Using VoIP means the app supports Android devices that do not enable native recording. It also means that both parties will recorded equally well. 


*** This app is not free ***

We provide free installation,free one time credit and a free test call to our answering machine so you can experiment with the application and make sure you are satisfied with the audio quality and the recording process.Additional credit to make calls can be bought with Google wallet at the account tab.


How to Connect Phone to TV? Anycast Dongle Complete Setup


Tips#1 Installation

Step 1: Connect WiFi cable (micro USB head) to AnyCast dongle main body.
Step 2: Plug the AnyCast into the HDMI port of your TV and switch to the right input source.
Step 3: Plug USB cable into an external USB power adapter.
Step 4: You should see the main AnyCast page


Tips#2 iOS/iPhone/iPad AirPlay Mirroring

Step 1: Press the button to switch to AirPlay mode.
Step 2: Read password on screen.
Step 3: Establish WiFi connection between iOS device and AnyCast.
Step 4: Turn on AirPlay and select AnyCast’s SSID.


Tips#3 Android MiraCast

Step 1: Press the button to switch to Miracast mode.
Step 2: Miracast mode ready.
Step 3: (Samsung Phone) Find the Miracast function on your Android device (such as screen mirroring/miracast/smart view).
Step 4: Establish Miracast connection between Android device and AnyCast.


Tips #3A Samsung (Settings>Connection > Screen Mirroring) (S4 as sample) 


Tips #3B HuaWei (Shortcuts > Multi-screen) (Honor 6 as sample)


Tips#4 Connect to WiFi Router (for all devices)

Step 1: Read the IP address of your AnyCast on screen.
Step 2:Use browser on your device (iOS/Android) to access IP address of AnyCast, and select your WiFi router.
Step 3: Enter password.
Step 4: Connect to your WiFi router successfully.


Tips#5 Firmware Upgrade (for all devices)

Step 1: Connect AnyCast to WiFi Router, and read the IP address on screen.
Step 2: go to the Air setup page.
Step 3: Click upgrade to update firmware.
Step 4: During upgrading please do not power off AnyCast.


Tips#6 Mac OS X AirPlay Mirroring

Step 1: Switch AnyCast Dongle to the AirPlay/DLNA mode, then connect your Mac to AnyCast Dongle via WiFi (SSID should be AnyCast ###, and read the 8-digit password/PSK on screen). After the connection, switch on AirPlay Mirroring to mirror your Mac screen to AnyCast Dongle via AirPlay Mirroring

Step 2: Open browser and enter the IP address: for Air Setup.

On the Air Setup page, you can change the options below:

. Internet: connect to home router for Internet access
. Language: change language
. Password: change password
. Default Mode: change default mode
. Resolution: change resolution
. Upgrade: firmware upgrade to compatible with up-to-date devices





  • Sensor Element Type:CCD
  • Model Number:HD 2.7” TFT LCD digital camera
  • MegaPixel:10.0 – 20.0MP
  • Optical Zoom:7.1x – 16x
  • Image Stabilization:Multiple Image Stabilization
  • Special Feature:Lens-Style Cameras
  • Sensor Size (inches):1/1.5 inches
  • Image Resolution (Video):SD (640×480)
  • Focal Length:24 – 60mm
  • Power Mode:Lithium Battery
  • Lens Type:Interchangeable
  • Weight:301g-400g
  • Set Type:Zoom Sets
  • Display Size:2″ – 3″
  • Memory Card Type:SD Card
  • Storage Type:SD Card
  • External Flash:No
  • Viewfinder Type:Electronic
  • Sensor Type:CCD
  • Screen Type:HD Screen
  • SLR Format:Full Frame
  • Recording Format:Picture: JPEG Video: AVI
  • type1:TFT LCD Display
  • type2:18MP 720P 8x Zoom
  • type3:HD Digital Camera
  • type4:Anti-Shake Camcorder Video
  • type5:CMOS Micro Camera

Product Description

2.7 Inch TFT LCD Display 18MP 720P 8x Zoom HD Digital Camera Anti-Shake Camcorder Video CMOS Compact Camera    


HD 2.7” TFT LCD digital camera5 megapixel CMOS sensorImage resolution up to 18MP(4896×3672)Video resolution up to 1280×720 HD8 times digital zoomAnti-shake and red eye reduction, white balance, face detection and smile capture function, etc.Support external SD card up to 32GB(SD card not included) 


Photo express software for managing and enhancing your photos, printing, sending photos by e-mails and much more.Multi-language: English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French, Dutch,Arabric & chineseSmile capture, Continue shot, Built in Flash. 


Video Resolution: 1280×720 HD, 640×480 VGA, 320×240 QVGALCD

Display: 2.7-inch TFT LCD screen

External Storage: SD memory card (up to 32GB, card not included)Digital Zoom: 16 times digital zoom

Exposure: EV-3 — EV+3White Balance: Auto / Day / Cloudy / Tungsten / Fluorescent

Scene: Auto / Night Portrait / Night Scene / Portrait / Landscape / Beach /

High SensitivityISO: Auto / 100/200/400

Self-timer: 2 seconds, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds delay

File Format: JPEG format (still image) / AVI format

Anti-shake: support

Flash: Auto / Forced flash / Flash off / Red-eye reduction

Direct Printing: Support

Face Priority: Support

Smile Capture: Support

Continuous Shot: Support (VGA 6PCS)

Port: USB 2.0

System Requirements: Windows XP/VISTA/7/MAC

Battery: Lithium-ion battery (550mAh)

Operating Temperature: 0-40 °

Adapter Input: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ 0.15A

Adapter Output: 5V DC 1500mAh

Color: Black, Silver, RedSize: approx. 100*65*18mm 

support Flash: Auto / Forced flash / Flash off / Red-eye reduction

Direct Printing: Support

Face Priority: Support

Smile Capture: Support

Continuous Shot: Support (VGA 6PCS)

Port: USB 2.0System Requirements: Windows XP/VISTA/7/MAC

Battery: Lithium-ion battery (550mAh)

Operating Temperature: 0-40 °

Adapter Input: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ 0.15A

Adapter Output: 5V DC 1500mAh

Color: Black, Silver,

RedSize: approx. 100*65*18mm 

Package Included:

1x Digital camera

1x User’s manual

1x CD

1x Data cable

1x Power adapter

1x Lithium battery

1x Camera bag

1x Hanging strap

18MP Digital Camera Specification:-

1) Image Sensor:-CMOS Sensor

2)Image Resolution:- 640×480(VGA) upto 4896×3672(18M)

3)Video Resolution :- 1280×720(HD), 640×480 VGA , 320×240 QVGA

4)LCD Display:- 2.7 ” TFT LCD

5)File Format:- JPEG/AVG

6)External Memory:- SD card ( up to 32GB) note:- memory card is not given

7)Digital Zooming:- 8x Digital zoom

8)Mega Pixle:- 18MP

9)Battery:- Lithium

10)COLOR:- Silver, Black, Red Note:- Color will be dispatched as per available


Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor, with Filters

•One of the BEST FREE photo editing apps in the world!
•The most advanced way to make your photos more beautiful
•The brilliant beauty app that is unmatched even by professional cameras

Endorsed by celebrities and key influencers, Meitu is the perfect beauty camera app to customize your pictures. Beautify yourself and your friends, add text, apply filters, blur out backgrounds, and so much more! 

【Unique Art Photo Effects】
– Cutting edge tech that automatically turns your portraits into stunning illustrations!

•Select the beautification level of your choice 
•Get flawless skin, sparkly eyes, a straighter nose, whiter teeth, etc. in just ONE tap!

Make your photos stunning and sensational! 

•Effects: add filters to your photos and create a different mood 
•Mosaic: cover anything that you want to hide 😉
•Magic Brush: doodle over your pics with different brush options 
•Add-ons: customize your pictures by adding frames, text, stickers
•Collage: combine several photos into one collage using in-app templates, text, and layout options

Customize your body features the way you like by using in-app functions

•Skin: smooth, firm, tone and adjust the hue of your skin exactly the way you like!
•Blemishes: get rid of any unwanted acne, scars, spots, etc. 
•Eyes: brighten and enlarge your eyes, and completely erase dark circles 
•Body Shape: Want to be curvier, slimmer, more muscular, shorter, or taller? Whatever your beauty preference, do it all with Meitu!

•With groundbreaking AI technology, Meitu auto detects your facial features and is able to add cute motion stickers or hand-drawn effects to your face while taking selfies.

•Compare your work with the original photo at every step of the way with only one tap! 
•Instantly share your edited photos with friends & family through the social media


How to Download Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Download Setup for PC. Adobe Photoshop is available in a single click download option. Enjoy unlimited professional photo editing with Adobe workspace.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Product Review:

Adobe Photoshop 7.0, although a bit older version but there are solid reasons to choose 7.0 over advanced series. Simplicity and quick tools to draw your desired sketch lines and shades which were never so easy. Speedy work is what users ever wanted and 7.0 Package is probably the most comprehensive initiative for professional editing tools. Adobe Users are pretty much addicted to Adobe Photoshop 7.0 version because it’s easy to load images and editing is just on few clicks away. So quickness in operation is what makes this version different but still a preferable choice for graphics editors.

Features of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 are enough to mold any image or wallpaper to the way it looks like a graphical editing masterpiece. In this age of modern graphics designing tools which Adobe has introduced with time to time, like Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 And Adobe Photoshop CS Series, People get attracted with catchy interface and inclusion of multiple advanced workspace options, but literally speaking the basic useable tools are quite similar.

System requirements is another drawback for some users, as CS or CS Extended version demand a modern and updated machine to comply with their minimum requirements and if it’s another way around, then you may suffer lazy loading and it would likely to consume too much time as well. So Adobe Photoshop 7.0 has its own value which can never be opposed. 

Adobe Photoshop 7.0, a professional touch to your favorite pictures and images, may be given just with simplicity and flexibility you desire, browse images on one click and give them a modified but professional touch. Just because of an older version, we are sure, You would not be lacking in giving creativity to your final product.