How to Upgrade Software / Firmware of any TV (Television) – CV338H-A50 Software Free Download

CV338H-A50 Software Free Download 

Do you want to upgrade software or firmware in your TV, this article will help you to download compatible software / firmware for your television. First you need to know which motherboard is installed in your tv, you can find the name of installed motherboard in your television by opening back panel of your tv. In this article we have shared all software / firmware to upgrade any tv of any size, in the bottom of this article you can find the downloading link of all software.

CV338H-A50 software for free And Are you ready to download cv338h-a50 Firmware all resolutions? now, In this post, we are giving you all the latest resolutions of CV338H-A50 Software for free. if you want to download this software then it is very easy to download from this website. Here are available some useful resolutions of CV338H-A50 Software like cv338h a50 _1920x1080 and more. All the resolution files are fully tested, but please use them at your own risk.

We provide Universal/Chinese Smart Led tv Board Software/Firmware files for free on this site, If you want to download, this site will be very helpful for you. Many more things are available here like LCD/LED TV Software / Firmware.



Details Detail
Brand China/Universal
Board Model CV338H-A50
CPU Dual Core
Operating System Android 4.4
RAM 512 MB, 1 GB
ROM 4 GB, 8 GB
Supported Resolution 3840×2160
Screen Panel 42 to 75 Inch

CV338H-A50 Firmware Update

It is an easy task to update CV338H-A50 Software. Just follow some steps to update software without any problem. but If you are new then don’t try to install or update the firmware. If you do then we are not responsible for any problem.

1- Download software of your required resolution then unzip the downloaded file to get a CtvUpgrade.bin file.

2- After that, Take a USB and format it at fat32, then copy CtvUpgrade.bin file into USB and insert it into television.

3- Now, Plugin the main power switch and press the button and hold for some seconds, Led light will start blinking

4- When Led light stops blinking, power of Led Tv and remove USB and then again power on you Led TV, now it is ready to use.

How to Download Firmware

It is an easy task to download firmware/software of CV338H-A50. After following some steps, you will be able to download it easily.

CV338H-A50 service menu: Press=Menu+1147

CV338H-A50 Firmware Download

CV338H-A50-1920×1080-FULL HD


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