StarAndDaisy Super Large Bath Tub Folding Type for Kids and Adult 140 X 60 X 57.5 cm with Temperature Meter

Compact Bath Tub European Standard Foldable Bath Tubs for Kids and Adults

About this item
  • 🛀【Ergonomic design】105° tilt angle conforms to ergonomic design, headrest and seat cushion make your body relax in the bathtub. To increase the space, you can straighten your legs for a comfortable experience; the barrel is very stable and will not shake when tilted back and forth.
  • 🛀【High-quality materials】The barrel body is made of high-quality PP material, and the folding part is made of healthy TPE soft rubber, which is soft and resistant to damage. And PP and TPE seamless inlay, strong and durable.
  • 🛀【Multi-purpose storage space】The foldable bathtub is equipped with a storage tank and a storage basket. When using SPA, you can put your mobile phone, Ipad, magazine and water glass into it. The internal space is large, which can easily accommodate the big treasure, reducing mother’s worries. Not only the baby can bath, but the mother can also take a relaxing beauty bath.
  • 🛀【Lock temperature design】keep cold in summer and warm in winter, not afraid of cold. Convenient flip design, exquisite craftsmanship, easy to bathe.
  • 🛀 The Portable Foldable Bathtub does not need to be inflated, and it is more portable to install.
  • 🛀 Easy to fold and portable, One-step folding, easy to clean, use. The storage is more convenient and space saving.
  • 🛀 Insulation bathtub cover design, keep the water temperature up to one hour. Surround lock temperature design, continuous cycle insulation, warm in winter and cool in summer. High Quality, Durability, Portable; Providing plenty of space for adults and children to enjoy the bathing time.
  • Bathing helps eliminate toxins from the body and improve overall health. The cover and water-filled cushion make SPA and bathing more enjoyable; The built-in bathtub cover enhances heat preservation and preserves steam, which can achieve a better fumigation and bathing effect, and is more suitable for beauty spa bathtubs.
  • Suitable for bubble bath, can hold two children at the same time. This Portable Foldable Bathtub can be used indoors and outdoors.


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