Phone Id Faker – Spoof Call App and Fake Call App for Android

Spoof calls and fake calls are occasionally fun and even occasionally useful. Spoof calls make for great pranks around April Fool’s Day or during spooky seasons like Halloween. Additionally, fake call apps can give you a reason to get up and walk away from an embarrassing or awkward situation. Regardless of the reasons, we can help! Here are the best spoof call apps and fake call apps for Android

Please note: we do not endorse spam calling, robo calling, or other activities of questionable legality. This app is designed for one-off or occasional uses and not for engaging in an illegal enterprise.

Before using this app make sure this is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Phone ID Faker is a calling app, It functions primarily as a second line service or as a cheap phone call service for people with WiFi. However, you can change your number fairly easily and you can earn free calls by watching ads. Thus, you can place the occasional fake phone call if you need to. It’s not a caller ID spoof or anything like that. However, it’s quick and easy to sign up so you can still use it to have some fun.

This app is one of the few decent spoof call apps with a fake caller ID. It does what the name implies. You make a call from your phone and the other person receives a fake number. The app also comes with a few additional prank features such as a voice changer and a call recorder for later use. You can buy credits to add more.

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